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About Us

The brand

House of Cashmere is passionate, dedicated and committed to offer only the finest purest high quality cashmere in the world.

The House of Cashmere brand is all about combining the worlds finest yarns with extraordinary craftsmanship and exceptional design to affordable prices. 

House of Cashmere more than two decades of cashmere design, innovation and production. 

Pure life style with great value.

Cashmere Yarn

There is no doubt that cashmere is the diamond of all fibers due to its unique qualities: softness, warmth, light and stunning colors.

These qualities ultimately offer amazing feeling of comfort, elegance and luxury.

Innovative Design - No Limits - No Borders

High quality cashmere yarn and perfect craftsmanship is a understatement but in today's crowded retail space extravagant design is essential for success. 

Making great luxury cashmere products you need to understand how to combine specific cashmere yarns with your design.

We love hearing the creative ideas our customers have and together create new innovative designs.

If your business are in wholesale, retail or as a designer we help you make informed choices making your next design and purchase with confidence. 

House of Cashmere



There are no high quality cashmere factory covering all production needs. If knitting or weaving, traditional hand looms, latest production technologies, small or large volumes, screen or digital prints, embroidery and customized colors we have the production solution you need.

With our extensive network of cashmere factory partners we offer high quality, flexibility, cost effective solutions and short delivery times. These are services we guarantee you as our valuable customer. 

We customize your cashmere products in accordance to your customers purchase power and ultimately your success. 


We specialize in cashmere product concepts. There are endless retail opportunities combining customized product designs, smart production and distribution with innovative marketing.

In today's crowded retail space there is no point in selling a product concept everybody else is doing.

Share your concept idea with us. We will add our cashmere experience and give your brand a perfect product solution matching your concept idea. 

Baby cashmere yarn

This rare,  precious fiber is gathered only from the  kids of Hircus goats.

Gossamer light and soft baby cashmere yarn is only available in extremely limited quantities.

If you are looking for that very extra special clothing or accessory product baby cashmere is a perfect choice.

Your customers will highly appreciate the extraordinary luxury feeling from products made of baby cashmere yarn.

Leather travel bags

As a perfect fit to cashmere clothing and  accessories House of Cashmere now offer a new product line of high quality leather travel bags.

Cabin trolleys and hand luggage  can be customized in a variety of leather patterns, colors, embroidery, embossed and engraved  personalized options.

Consumer brands, corporate branding, sponsorship and events are just some of the perfect applications for the leather travel bag product line. 

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